Indian River Women's Club

Alternate fund raising for 2020

Dear Friends,

As supporters of the efforts of the Indian River Women’s Club, we thank you for your generosity. Through your contributions at our annual fall dinner auction, we have been able to assist (or spearhead) many projects to enhance our community. Examples include supplying radios for the Tuscarora Township Police Department, an Automated External Defibrillator for Inland Lakes Elementary School and bridge banners. We annually contribute funds for fireworks, Easter Egg hunts, and the Inland Lakes Educational Foundation. We donate to our local food bank and the Indian River Christmas event. We purchase and plant flower barrels in spring, and decorate with garland, wreaths, and lights at Christmas. We provided funds for, and currently maintain, the
30-foot Indian sculpture in town. We have helped with Project Playground at Cooperation Park, Green Docks Project, and the Marina Park Pavilion.

Our organization has been active in improving the Indian River community for more than 50 years. In the past ten years alone, we have spent more than $75,000 funding these efforts. As you well know, this has been a challenging time for us all. The COVID pandemic has presented serious concerns to those who have underlying health issues, as well as others. With that caution in mind, we have sadly concluded that our wisest course of action is to cancel our 2020 Fundraisers.

In order to carry out our mission, we continue to need funding: “The Indian River Women’s Club, a non-profit community organization, sponsors projects, programs and/or services which will work toward the betterment of our community.”

You have been very generous to our 501c3 organization in the past; we are asking you to continue to help us. Please consider a tax deductible donation to

Indian River Women's Club, PO Box 41, Indian River, MI 49749

Thank you!