DDA Streetscape project 2020

Due to a variety of delays, the Tuscarora Downtown Development Authority (DDA) streetscape project will have a temporary asphalt surface on S. Straits Highway until next spring. However, sidewalk work should be completed.

DDA member Dan Nivelt said there will be temporary pavement in place through the winter and in the spring, the contractor will come in, grind up the old pavement and put in new pavement.

The project began in July and was scheduled to be completed in mid October. Nivelt said one of the main delays was boring work, which was necessary to reduce and replace utility lines to diminish the number of poles and overhead line crossings. In order to avoid boring holes in new pavement, paving couldn't be done until after the boring was completed. After the boring was completed there were several days of rain and the paving company also had other projects.

Nivelt said utility line work has been finished, but the DDA would still like to replace a few more poles on the east side of the road. Streetlights are in place and have power. The lights include auxiliary outlets that provide power for the Christmas decorations on the light poles.