Cooperation Park

On many summer evenings Cooperation Park is among the most active places in town. But given the variety of things there are to do there, that’s not surprising. The park has softball fields, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, a skating rink, sliding hill, barbecue grills, skateboard park, horse shoe pits, children’s play area, hiking and cross country ski trails along with restrooms and a picnic pavilion.

In the spring and early summer, the softball and baseball fields are the central focus of activity. Children as young as five years old play Little League softball and baseball. During their teenage years, they play on school teams. In 2020 another softball field will be added to accommodate additional youth softball teams.

Basketball and tennis courts are also active in the summer as are the children’s play areas and the skateboard park. There are also horseshoe pits and hiking trails near the back of the park.

In the early fall the Indian River Youth Soccer Association plays games on several fields. Cooperation Park serves as the site of a high school cross country meet each fall.

Far from closing up when the snow flies, Cooperation Park remains busy throughout the winter months.

Cooperation Park has a beautiful well-maintained skating rink, with a newly completed pavilion roof. The roof, which along with several other aspects of the rink was funded by an anonymous donor, will keep the sun from melting the ice surface and will also offer skaters protection from the elements. It will also allow the rink to be used for gatherings in the summer. The rink is large enough to accommodate hockey players at one end and figure skaters at the other. If people get cold at the skating rink, there’s a large and modern warming house.

The sliding hill is also a popular winter attraction. There are benches and grills near the bottom of the hill for parents and others who would rather eat hot dogs than go whooshing down a hill.

Cooperation Park also hosts special events. On Easter weekend hundreds of children come to the park for an Easter Egg Hunt. The Indian River Women’s Club constructed a covered pavilion, which is a popular location for summer meetings, picnics and class reunions.